What is a Delayed Charge in QuickBooks Online? Everything You Should Know 

This post will explain what is a delayed charge in QuickBooks Online and what you should you know about the topic. If you want to learn about delayed charges, keep reading below.

As a business, if you keep a huge bunch of post-its on your desk in order to remind you about the products and services you need to bill your customers for, it can turn out to be a blunder! 

Thus, Delayed Charge in QuickBooks helps a lot. 

But what exactly is Delayed Charge in QuickBooks? A Delayed Charge is a way smart businesses use to keep track of the items or services to be billed to their customers. Creating an invoice gets really easier, and just a click is enough to generate a detailed invoice and send it to the clients you want.

However, Delayed Charge in QuickBooks is not as simple as it sounds, so you should know more about it before deploying it to your business. Read on to know everything about Delayed Charge and how to create it in QuickBooks Online.

What is a Delayed Charge in QuickBooks Online? What are the Benefits?

In simple terms, a delayed charge in QuickBooks Online is a non-posting transaction, which is almost similar to an estimate. A business keeps this transaction for the future and bills the customer for the product or service provided. 

Benefits of Using Delayed Charge in QuickBooks Online 

A lot of business owners are usually skeptical about using Delayed Charge in QuickBooks, so I thought to share some perks you should know.

What is a Delayed Charge in QuickBooks Online

No Manual Tracking of Invoices 

When using Delayed Charge, a business doesn’t have to keep track of the invoices. No entries in copies or no hard-copy invoices. A click is enough to create an invoice for future purposes.

Easy and Quick 

QuickBooks Online lets you create invoices quickly and easily. The Delayed Charge functionality helps create invoices with unparalleled precision.

Anytime and Anywhere 

When you manage the hard copies of invoices, you need to be present in your store to check the bills and create invoices. But QuickBooks Online lets you create invoices from anywhere since all the data is on a cloud. 

How to Create Delayed Charge in QuickBooks Online?

Now that you know what a Delayed Charge is, it’s time to know how to create it. Below I have listed the exact steps you should follow.

  • Tap on the Plus Sign at the top of the QuickBooks Online, find Delayed Charge in the Customer Section, and click on it.
  • You’ll see a customer drop-down list, find the customer you want to create the invoice, or you can click Add New to add a new customer.
  • Enter the details the tool asks for, such as date of service or product delivery, in the Delayed Charge data field. 
  • Now enter the details of the service and product your business has delivered. These details include a number of commodities, prices, and other things.
  • Click on Save, and close the Delay Charge. 
  • Once done, click the Plus Sign again, and then tap on Invoice in the Customer Section. 
  • Choose the customer from the drop-down list, and click on Add on the right sidebar to create an invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What’s the main benefit of using delayed charges?

A: The main benefit of using delayed charges is billing the customers exactly when a business wants. Also, invoice creation gets easier, and businesses can invoice their customers anytime in the future.

Q: What type of entry is a delayed charge?

A: A delayed charge entry is considered a non-posting transaction. It means this transaction will not affect your accounts and is just for tracking purposes.

Q: How do I see delayed charges in QuickBooks Online?

A: Click on the Plus sign, and tap on the invoice in the Customer Section. Once opened, you’ll be able to see the list of transactions. The delayed charge transactions are shown as “amounts receivable.” All the transactions with this tag are delayed charges. Watch this video for more information. 

Q: How much does QuickBooks Online cost?

A: As per QuickBooks, their subscription starts from $25 per month for the Simple Start Version. The most expensive version, which is Advanced, will cost your business $180/ month. Click here to know the latest prices of QuickBooks Online. 

Final Thoughts 

That’s all about delayed charges in QuickBooks Online. If you are not using Delayed Charge, it’s time to start using it and get the ease of managing and tracking invoices. Make sure to learn how to use QuickBooks Online by attending their several tutorials and YouTube videos.

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