Can I Load My Netspend Card at Dollar General?

Can you reload a Netspend card at the Dollar General store? Cutting to the chase, the answer is yes. Especially for prepaid cards, finding a convenient way to load them can be helpful. 

Many of us still get paid in cheques or cash, which makes working out Netspend card requirements even more cumbersome. In this post, you can explore different options to readily reload a Netspend card at the Dollar General store, along with some other alternatives for loading them for easy use. 

By the end of this post, you’d have an alternative to use your cheque, cash, or other sources of income through Netspend.

Steps to reload Netspend card at Dollar General

Can I Load My Netspend Card at Dollar General

If you’re looking to load a Netspend card specifically at Dollar General, you can follow some simple steps. A quick heads up, there is a transaction/loading fee involved. Follow these steps to load your card from the physical Dollar General store:

  1. Visit the Dollar General store nearest to you.
  2. At the cash counter, you can ask the cashier to load the Netspend card.
  3. You will need to give your card there to share the details.
  4. Now, just pay the amount to be loaded.
  5. Your card will be swiped to load the required amount.
  6. The Netspend card is loaded and ready to use.

Note – A fee of $3- 4 is charged as a transaction or reloading fee per transaction. 

More ways to add funds to Netspend Card

It is possible that you are unable to visit the physical Dollar General store. In this case, we have some alternatives for you to add the required funds to your Netspend card. 

While all of these might not be applicable for you depending on your bank and location, some are pretty standard and can be used by anyone.

  • Make a wire transfer

This is the most straightforward option. However, the catch here is that not all banks provide this service. You can make a direct transfer through Western Union and some other banks. Make a call to your bank to find out if this is an option for you. 

  • Transfer funds via PayPal

Again, this option has a prerequisite. You need to have a PayPal account with a compatible bank. If you do, you can transfer funds directly to your Netspend card. Depending on your geographical location, some fee is involved in this as well.

  • Netspend app

Don’t have a compatible bank account to use for Netspend or even a PayPal account? Downloading the Netspend mobile app can help you explore some options. Here, you can directly load a mobile cheque and transfer funds to your card. 

Is there any additional fee for loading a Netspend Card at Dollar General?

Other than the transaction fee, there is no other major fee involved in loading your Netspend card at Dollar General. While most people are charged around $3 or $4 as a loading fee, the fee could vary depending on your location. The amount you’re depositing is also a determiner. 

You can find out which Dollar General can offer the lowest fee for the transaction. Search for Netspend locations near you, including Walgreens, Walmart, Shell, and Speedway, to pay the lowest reload fee per transaction. 

How much money can you load on from Netspend to Dollar General?

Another question that you might have could be regarding the amount you can load up in your card in one go. Netspend permits up to $2500 deposits within 24 hours to avoid any fraudulent usage of the card. 

If you need more funds in your card, you can make multiple transactions over a couple of days to achieve your required balance.

How long does it take?

Is it going to take too long to load up your card? Thankfully, most Dollar General stores have prompt employees who can add money to your card in a few minutes. 

Suppose they are occupied or have network issues, you might have to wait for around 25-30 minutes. It could even be as quick as a general billing line on most days.

Final Words

Netspend offers a variety of cashless transaction benefits. You can access these features by reloading your card from over 130,000 reload locations. 

This post discusses the ways in which you can load your card from physical stores like Dollar General, along with some remote reloading options. 

You can also reload your Netspend card from their dedicated app for an even more hassle-free process.

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