Cash Jargon Team

Clair Tores
Editor in Chief

Clair has been working in the banking industry for the last 10 years. With massive experience in investing, savings and overall money management, she has the know how and speak the jargon of cash. 

She joined Cash Jargon to help everyday folks learn about money and how to make the most of it, delivering complicated topics in an easy to read way that everyone can understand and follow.

Steve Drimwood
Senior Writer

Steve actually started writing for Cash Jargon from day one. With a passion for money at an early age Steve managed to be financially secured before the age of 30.

No small feet by any means. Since then he decided to dedicate his time by teaching others how money works, what to do and more importantly what NOT to do. 

You will find everyday how to guides mostly from Steve, which will hopefully serve you as tools to financial freedom.

Noah Miller
Senior Writer

Noah joined the team not so long ago after proving to be very knowledgable in the money jargon. Without a formal finance education, Noah has real life experience of handling money and investing. 

Given his young age, you will find his articles more appealing to younger generations, which is a great thing to have as diversification. 

Oliver Brown

Oliver is passionate about money. You can say he learned everything there is about it and now looking to share his knowledge with the world. 

Oliver is autodidact so he is a person who loves to learn and improves everyday. Join his journey and learn together with him about money and investing.