How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Target – Getting Cash at Target Guide

Did you know that Target is also offering to withdrawal cash? and also a cash back program. In this article you will learn how much cash back can I get at Target and many other useful info about the program

Let us put it into a situation. Suppose you are at a place where you need some quick cash. But, you don’t find a nearby ATM with your bank’s server. What would you do? Now, you may argue the importance of cash in this almost digitalized era, but can you deny it? You cannot just swipe your card or pay online everywhere. 

At these moments, things can get really complicated. But not when you know the right way out. Target Corporation is one of the US’s largest department-store chains with more than 1.9k stores throughout the country. But why are we talking about Target here? Because this department-store chain business can provide you cash when you need it.

Drawing out cash from other bank’s ATMs can impose charges. But have you ever considered opting for Target cashback? This department chain offers cashback to its customers that you can avail at any time. Furthermore, Target has their own ATM as well. But if you ask, how much cash back can I get at target? Here’s the answer.

How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Target – What is Target Cashback?

How much cash back can I get at Target
How much cash back can I get at Target

Target is one of the US’s largest department-store chains. It has over 1.9k department stores all over the country. Hence you can easily find them almost anywhere around.

So, what is Target cashback?

Target cashback is a program under which the company lets their customers draw cash from their retail stores. 

We can bet you have had such experiences before. Even if you haven’t, you at least have heard about such cashback services. These are pretty common now. It is especially helpful when you don’t get a nearby ATM with your bank’s server. Instead, you just visit the Target store and buy something. Then at the cash counter, you ask for the cashback. 

How Much Cashback Can I Get at Target?

Target has a cashback limit of $40. It means that you can avail yourself of a maximum of $40 from any Target retail store. The money can be drawn in multiples of $10. That means you can draw $10, $20, $30 and $40 from Target department stores. It is how you can avail some extra cash at any time. The whole procedure has been discussed ahead in this article.

Target Cash Back Limit

Target offers different cashback limits based on how you make the payment. For example, you can get a 3% cashback if you use Apple Pay for the transaction. You can get up to $40 cashback in denominations of $10 at its self-checkout counters. Target offers cashback through its Wallet app as well. 

You can also get a cashback using Target gift cards if its value doesn’t exceed the cashback limit. However, this option is not always available. Talk to the store manager before using the gift card for cashback. 

Ways to Get CashbackCashback LimitAvailability/ Ease
Target Wallet app Up to $40 Yes
Apple Pay Up to 3% on the transaction amountYes
Self-checkoutUp to $40 (in $10 denominations)Yes
RedCard Up to $40 (in $10 denominations)(only for Target Debit RedCard)
Bank Debit Cards Up to $40Yes, if there’s sufficient balance in your account 
Credit Cards NANo 
Personal Check NANo 
Target Gift CardUp to $40 Not available at all centers and all times 

How Can You Get Cashback from a Target Store?

So, how can you avail of cashback at Target? You never know when you need cash. Also, thanks to digitalization, the habit of carrying cash is almost gone. But, there is no harm in keeping some handy. Sometimes we really need cash when there is no technical payment method available. And if you don’t find an ATM at that moment, you may get into trouble.

So, what do you do? First, look for a Target store nearby. As mentioned earlier, Target retail stores offer your cashback whenever you want. Since Target is quite a famous retail chain in the US, you can easily find it anywhere. When you do, head to the nearby store. 

Target lets you take a maximum of $40 in multiples of $10 at once. But how do you claim that? The process is quite simple:

  • You go to the store and buy something of your choice.
  • Now, you go to the cash counter for payment. When you are paying, add the extra amount to it and pay using your debit card.
  • You will get the extra money back in cash. 

Here’s a takeaway. To avail of cashback from Target, you need to pay using a debit card. But you should also remember that debit cards have a daily usage limit. You can avail of cashback multiple times a day, but that amount should not exceed the debit card limit. Otherwise, you may get charged. 

Target Cash Back Fees

There is no cashback fee at Target. The chain store retailer considers cashback as a way to cater to customers’ interests. It is an investment to provide customer satisfaction and enhance customer engagement. Cashback services are free at Target.

However, your bank might levy an overdraft fee if you withdraw more than what is in your account. Using the debit card at the Target ATM might also lead to a transaction fee from the bank’s side. 

Any fees levied on the cashback transaction will be by the bank but not from Target. Target doesn’t charge anything to provide a cashback, no matter how many times you use the service.

How to Use Debit Card for Cashback at Target

How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Target
How to use a debit card to get cash back from Target

How do you get cash from Target using a debit card? For the fact, Target only allows debit cards to draw cashback. But the procedure is simpler than ever. You have to find a nearby Target store and visit it. Now, you may or may not buy something from them. One of the best things about Target cashback is that it does not have any minimum purchase value. 

However, since Target is a department store, you may also do your regular shopping and avail of cashback. Now in both cases, you have to use your debit card to avail of the cashback. If you are not buying anything, you can just ask for cash back at the register.

But if you are buying, then you can avail cash during checkout. Now, for example, suppose you need $30 right away. So, you can either go to the register and ask for that. Or, you can simply make a purchase and add the extra amount. 

The person sitting at the counter will likely ask you whether you want cash back or not. If you do, ask them to process the extra $30. Now, pay using a debit card, and you will get the extra money back in cash. 

But remember that the Target cashback limit is $40. So, if you need something higher than this, you have to make a different transaction. But the good thing is Target does not charge you any transaction fee. 

Now, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to avail cashback at Target using a debit card.

  • Visit a nearby Target Department store
  • If you do not want to purchase anything, go to the register and ask for the cashback
  • If you are purchasing something, add the item to the cart
  • Go for check out
  • Avail for Target cashback
  • Add the extra amount to your bill (whatever money you want in cash) and pay using your debit card
  • The cash counter manager will give you the extra money you paid back in cash. 

Can I Use a Credit Card for Target Cashback?

There are many stores like Target that accept credit card for their cashback services. But, Target is not one of them. Target does not accept credit cards for cashback. Well, you can, of course, make payments using a credit card at Target retail stores. But if you are thinking about availing their cashback, you cannot do that using a credit card. 

Target does not allow any cashback using a credit card. If you want it, you will only have to use a debit card. As mentioned earlier, Target does not have any minimum transaction value to avail cash back. Also, it does not charge you anything for the service. 

Can I Use Cheque for Target Cashabck?

Just like the credit card, Target does not allow its customers to get cashback using a cheque. However, you can use a cheque for your normal purchases. But, if you want cash back, you have to use a debit card. Getting cashback with a cheque is not an option at Target department stores. 

Target ATM Machines

There can be two scenarios: either you only have a credit card or want an ATM service. Whatever that might be, Target does not disappoint its customers. And how does that work?  Target has their own ATM services at some of its store locations. The best part is you don’t get charged for using their ATM.

Yes, Target’s ATM is free to use by anyone. You can even use your credit or debit card for transactions. And for this, there is no minimum purchase amount or something. You can use it like any other normal ATM service. However, make sure your account has enough balance for the transactions you make. 

Although Target does not charge their customers for the service, your bank may impose charges. So, here are two points: make sure you have enough money in your account, or the amount you draw out can be overdue. And the second thing is don’t go above your daily limit. 

You can find a nearby Target store from here

Target Red Card

Target Red Card -
Cash back REDcard

Target has a unique program for its customers. You can avail of extra perks by using Target RedCard. But what is Target RedCard? And how does it help? 

What is Target RedCard?

Target RedCard is Target’s branded transaction card that you can use for purchases at Target stores. These cards are issued by Target for their customers and offer several perks. However, RedCard does not offer you cashback, points, etc. Instead, it has a lifetime 5% discount on anything you purchase from Target using the card. 

Target offers different sorts of cards. These are:

  • Target debit card
  • Target credit card
  • Target mastercard

Target debit cards act like normal debit cards that draw money from your bank’s account. The credit cards, however, are offered to chosen customers. But Target master cards have the best features. You cannot only use them at Target stores but can also use them online for purchases. 

Benefits of Target RedCard

  1. % Discount on All Items

Target RedCard does not offer you cashback services. But, you can avail a flat 5% discount on any item you buy at Target using their RedCard. The discount is huge when it comes to buying multiple items. A survey states that an average American household has a food budget of $6,602. So, think about how much you can save using the RedCard at Target. 

  1. No Annual Fee

Do you hate how your bank charges you annual fees for their card services? Well, here’s good news. Target does not charge any annual fee for their RedCard. So, you can keep using the card without worrying about paying huge annual charges. It is surely one of the best reasons why you should have a Target RedCard. 

  1. Return Policy

Another benefit of having Target RedCard is its return policy. Target offers you a 30-day return policy on any item you purchase by the RedCard. However, it does not apply to non-returnable items. So, before you purchase, you should check. But, the 30-day return policy is a great help for anyone confused with any purchase. 

  1. Free Shipping

Target RedCard holders get free shipping from the store whenever they purchase anything online. Depending on your location and product, you can even get their 2-day free shipping service which is a great addition. And the best part is that there is no minimum purchase value for free shipping. 

Although Target RedCard does not have any annual charges, it has an APR of 22.90%. This high annual percentage rate can sometimes be an issue. It means that if you somehow carry some huge balance in your credit card for months, the APR could wipe out the entire profit. 

Comparison Between Target and Other Stores Offering Cashback

How Much Cashback Can You Get at CVS?

CVS is another popular retail chain in the US, with more than 9k stores in the country. Just like Target, CVS also offers cashback services at their stores. The CVS cashback limit is $35, which you can avail in multiples of $5. However, unlike Target, CVS has a minimum cart value of $1.

How Much Cashback Can You Get at Walmart? 

Walmart is one of America’s most known retail chain businesses. It has more than 11,000 hypermarkets that offer cash back services. You can draw a maximum of $100 in multiple of $20 from Walmart stores. If you need more, you can make a maximum 3 purchases and get a maximum of $300 cashback. Walmart does not charge anything for their services. 

How Much Cashback Can You Get at Dollar General? 

With more than 16,000 retail stores. Dollar General also offers cashback services. Dollar General cashback limit is $40. You can draw this amount in multiples of $10. Thanks to their huge number of stores, finding a Dollar General store is easier than anything. 

How Much Cashback Can You Get at Walgreens? 

Walgreen comes after CVS as the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country. You can get cash back at Walgreen stores. Walgreen cashback limit is $20 that you can draw in multiples of $5. Unlike Target, Walgreen also has a minimum purchase value. But, you can purchase as low as $0.01 at a Walgreen store to get cashback. 

How Much Cashback Can You Get at Kroger? 

Kroger is another famous American retail chain. Kroger cashback limit is bigger than most of its competitors. Kroger offers you a cashback of up to $300. But, it also has some service charge. Kroger charges you $0.50 for cashback up to $100 and $3.50 for anything higher than this. 

Shop NameMax Cashback LimitService Charges
Dollar General$40None
Kroger$300$0.50 for cashback up to $100$3.50 for higher values


Target is one of American’s most known department-store chains. The best part about Target cashback is that it does not charge you anything. Moreover, there is no minimum purchase value either. It means that you can get cash back at any time, even without worrying about purchasing anything. 

So, how much cash back can I get at Target? Target cashback amount is somewhat low- $40. But it does not matter until you are in real need of some high bucks. Apart from that, the Target RedCard program is a cherry on the top. In simple words, Target saves you from various situations while letting you save your precious money on each purchase. 

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