How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Target – Target Cash Back Guide

Did you know that Target offers the option to withdrawal cash? It’s called a cash back program. In this article you will learn how much cash back you can get at Target and how does the program work.

Imagine this, you’re out on errands and you don’t have any cash on you, but you really want to buy a box of girls-scout cookies that set up shop near the Target exit. They don’t accept card, only cash, what do you do?

This is where the option of cash back comes in, you can go inside Target, and go to the register and swipe your card and get for example $20 cash, that will later be billed to your card. Easy right?

You can find a nearby Target store from here

How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Target

Usually the Target Cash Back limit is $40, you can do that at any Target cash register or via the mobile wallet.

Use the table below to see how much money you can withdraw in a Target store depending on your billing method.

Ways to Get CashbackCashback LimitAvailability/ Ease
Target Wallet app Up to $40 Yes
Apple Pay Up to 3% on the transaction amountYes
Self-checkoutUp to $40 (in $10 bills)Yes
RedCard Up to $40 (in $10 bills)(only for Target Debit RedCard)
Bank Debit Cards Up to $40Yes, if there’s sufficient balance in your account 
Credit Cards NANo 
Personal Check NANo 
Target Gift CardUp to $40 Not available at all centers and all times 

Here’s a step by step walkthrough to getting cash back at Target

Just walk in to any Target you find around you. and do the following:

  • Go inside and walk to the register.
  • When you go to the self check out register, just swipe your debit card.
  • When you do that a message will pop up on screen asking you if you would like cash back
  • Choose the amount you want, either $10, $20, $30 or $40 and click OK
  • Get your cash and your card will be charged for that extra amount

NOTE – Please note that Target doesn’t offer cash back for checks or credit cards. Only Debit or gift cards

Target Cash Back Fees

There are no cash back fee at Target. The retailer considers cash back as a way to cater to customers’ interests.

Target Cash Back Compared to Other Retailers

Here’s a quick comparison between Cash Back at Target to other retailers so you can know how much cash you can get at every store.

Shop NameMax Cash back LimitService Charges
Dollar General$40None
Kroger$300$0.50 for cash back up to $100$3.50 for higher values

How Much Cash back Can You Get at CVS

CVS is another popular retail chain in the US, with more than 9k stores in the country. Just like Target, CVS also offers cash back services at their stores. The CVS cash back limit is $35, which you can get in multiples of $5. However, unlike Target, CVS has a minimum cart value of $1.

How Much Cash back Can You Get at Walmart

Walmart is one of America’s most known retail chain businesses. It has more than 11,000 hypermarkets that offer cash back services. You can draw a maximum of $100 in multiple of $20 from Walmart stores. If you need more, you can make a maximum 3 purchases and get a maximum of $300 cash back. Walmart does not charge anything for their services. 

How Much Cash back Can You Get at Dollar General 

With more than 16,000 retail stores. Dollar General also offers cash back services. Dollar General cash back limit is $40. You can draw this amount in multiples of $10.

How Much Cash back Can You Get at Walgreens

Walgreen comes after CVS as the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country. Walgreens cash back limit is $20 that you can draw in multiples of $5. Unlike Target, Walgreens also has a minimum purchase value. But, you can purchase as low as $0.01 at a Walgreens store to get cash back. 

How Much Cash back Can You Get at Kroger

Kroger is another famous American retail chain. Kroger cash back limit is bigger than most of its competitors. Kroger offers you a cash back of up to $300. However, it also has some service charge. Kroger charges you $0.50 for cash back up to $100 and $3.50 for anything higher than this. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Credit Card for Target Cash back?

Target Cash Back does not work with a credit card, you can only use your debit card or gift card to get cash out.

Can I Use Cheque for Target Cash back?

Just like the credit card, Target does not allow its customers to get cash back using a cheque. However, you can use a cheque for your normal purchases.


Target is one of American’s most known department-store chains. The best part about Target cash back is that it does not charge you anything. Moreover, there is no minimum purchase value either. It means that you can get cash back at any time, even without worrying about purchasing anything. 

Target cash back limit is somewhat low – $40.

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