How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Walmart – Walmart Cash Back Guide

Like many other popular retail stores, Walmart also offers the option to withdraw cash. It’s another cash back program yes. In this post you will learn how much cash back you can get at Walmart and how does it work.

Sometimes we just need cash, even in today’s credit card filled world. Luckily for you, the cash programs that run on most big retails help solve this problem by offering quick access to paper money.

You can simply walk in to Walmart, go to the register and bill your card and get cash like $20 or more. The cash back option is very easy and convenient, you simply bill your own card.

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How Much Cash Back Can I Get at Walmart

The Walmart Cash Back limit is $120 and you can get that at any Walmart cash register inside the stores.

Here’s a quick table to see how much money you can withdraw in Walmart stores based on your billing method

Ways to Get Cash backCash back LimitAvailability / Ease
Debit Cards$100YES
Discover Card$120YES ( If you own Discovery Card )
Personal Check$20Only at regular check out and needs to be a personal check
Regular Check Out$100
Credit Card NANO
Gift CardNANO

Getting cash back at Walmart – Step by Step guide

Just walk inside any Walmart store and do the following:

  • Walk inside the store and walk to the register ( either self or full )
  • Swipe your debit card or hand it to the cashier and ask for a cash back
  • On the self check out a message will show on screen asking you if you would like cash back
  • Choose the amount you want, in $20, $40 $60 etc. and click OK
  • Take your cash and your debit card will be charged immediately for the same amount.

NOTE – Please note that Walmart does not offer cash back with credit card or gift cards

Walmart cash back fees

There are no cash back fees at Walmart. The store considers this an added service to their clients which makes this a viable option over an ATM.

Walmart Cash Back Compared to Other Retailers

Below is a table showing a comparison between cash back at Walmart and other retail stores. Know the differences.

Shop NameMax Cash back LimitService Charges
Dollar General$40None
Kroger$300$0.50 for cash back up to $100$3.50 for higher values
*$120 applies to Discover card only, the limit for other types of payments is $100

Getting cash back with Debit card at Walmart

This is the easiest way to get cash back, so the most recommended as well. You can get your cash with your debit card both in the self check out and in the regular check outs. As noted above, the cash back limit for debit cards in Walmart is $100.

Here’s what to do:

  1. When you finish shopping just go to the self check out
  2. Scan your products and choose to pay with a debit card
  3. Insert your debit card into the machine
  4. When the screen asks you if you would like to get cash back – press YES
  5. Select the amount of cash you want to get and click ok
  6. You will need to enter your debit card PIN to complete the action
  7. Get your cash and go.

NOTE – The process of getting cash back at self check out and regular check out is the same, the only difference is that with the regular check out the cashier will help you with choosing your payment method and he or she will hand you your cash instead of the machine.


Why Walmart does not accept credit cards for cash back

The simple answer is that with a credit card, the payment does no go directly to the store, rather the credit card company will handle the payment and pay the store sometimes in a later stage, and also there are more fees involved when using a credit card. So a lot of stores don’t allow cash back if you want to use a credit card.

Can I get cash back without buying something

No, in most cases you will need to purchase something in the store to get cash back on top of your purchase.

Why do I have to enter my PIN when getting cash

Like any other time when you use your debit card at a machine, it will ask you to enter your PIN to complete the transaction, it is not related to the cash back action, but rather to the general action of using your debit card.

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