Dispute Apple Pay Transaction – How to Guide

apple Pay is a briliant service, I use it everyday, sometimes I leave my wallet at home, that’s how useful this service is.

However, as apple pay becomes more popular, so does the burning questions about it. For example, how to dispute apple pay transaction, or what to do if I need to check my recent transactions and verify them.

Here’s how to dispute an apple pay transaction

  • Open the Wallet app on your iPhone or browse to Settings and find Wallet & Apple Pay on your iPad
  • Now tap Apple Card
  • Find the transaction you want to dispute under Latest Transactions
  • In Transaction History tap the transaction again
  • Tap Report an Issue
  • From the list, select the most appropriate issue you’re having and tap Continue
  • Tap Continue to Chat

NOTE – Now a pre-made message will open on the screen in the Messages app, you should click Send

After you complete all these steps, two things may happen:

  1. You will receive a form asking you for more details
  2. You will be directed to chat with an Apple Card Specialist

If you get the form, you must fill it and submit to process your request to dispute with the bank.

What happens after I dispute a transaction

Well, Ideally after you submit your dispute, three situations can occur:

  1. Your dispute is accepted
  2. Your dispute is rejected
  3. You need to submit more information

Let’s see what each of these mean:

Your dispute was accepted

Once all the information is received and processed and been evaluated and a final decision is made. In the case your dispute request was approved you will see the temporary credit you got when you first disputed become permanent on your account. This might include any interest charges

Your dispute is rejected

Sometimes after evaluating the information you provided a conclusion is made that your dispute is not accepted. In this case, you will see the temporary credit that was applied to your account being reversed.

The amount will show up as a transaction like any other in your Wallet app and you will need to pay it in your next monthly statement.

Your balance will now increase obviously because this is not a charge that needs to be paid.

You need to submit more information

In the event more information is needed to make a decision, you may be contacted by apple with a request for more evidence. These may include:

Receipts Tracking Numbers
Written interactionsAsking for the merchant more info as well

NOTE – If the case the merchant needs to be contacted, he can have up to 45 days to respond which may prolong the process.

Disputing specific types of transactions

Depending on the type of transaction you want to dispute the process may be a little bit different, let’s review different types of transactions and how to dispute them

If the transaction says it’s from apple

If the transaction is from apple, you can simply choose to receive a refund from the apps or content you purchased or wish to dispute.

If the transaction says apple store

If the transaction you want to dispute says Apple Store next to it, you can check your online order status to see order status, track the delivery, view pick up details and much more.

If the transaction is pending

If the transaction is still in pending mode, it’s best to contact the merchant your purchased from to resolve the issue or simply wait until the transaction clears to dispute it.

NOTE – Some merchants place a hold on your card for the amount of money charged, sometimes the amount might be higher than the actual amount agreed on, so you should wait until the charge is clear to see if there are any issues with it or not. This can take up to 7 days sometimes.

Transactions made on a apple card family account

If you are the owner or co-owner of a apple card family account, you can dispute charges made by other participants on the account. But it would be wise to first ask the person who made the transaction about it to make sure it really needs to be disputed or resolved in a different matter.

Another option for you as the owner or co-owner will be to put a block on the participant account until your figure things out.

If you are only a participant of a family account, you can only dispute your own transactions, and not others on the account.

Dispute a apple pay transaction with costumer support

If you’re not that savvy or just want to talk to a human being right from the start, you should contact apple costumer support directly.

While talking to a costumer support person he or she will be able to easily guide you through the steps needed to dispute a transaction. You will be asked to provide some basic information like your apple ID and transaction details.

Please note that calling and talking to costumer support directly doesn’t really change the dispute process or increase your chances of being approved or rejected. It just means you prefer to talk to a human being while trying to file your dispute request.

Can I dispute an apple pay charge with my bank

YES. If you don’t use Apple Card, but rather only use the apple pay service with a debit or a credit card issued by a different bank. You can contact the bank that issued the card to you to dispute a transfer.

NOTE – For those who don’t know, apple pay is basically just a digital service that allows anyone with an iPhone to connect their debit or credit card and be able to pay for stuff using their phone.

A few common questions

How long does it take to get a result

Depending on the type of transaction and merchant. A dispute can take anywhere from a few hours to a few months. Yes, that’s a big range, but that’s how it is.

Will disputing a charge get my money back

The fact of you disputing does NOT guarantee a refund. It goes into a process that may result in an approval or denial.

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