CVS Cashback Limit – Getting Cash Back at CVS Guide

Did you know you can get cash at CVS? Yup, the CVS cashback limit and how to do it is the topic of this article, here you will learn what CVS cashback is, how to use it and what are the limits of using.

Although we speak of digitalization and pay mainly using our ATM cards, cash still has a vital role to play in our life. It is not always possible to pay for everything using a card. So, when we need quick cash, the first thing coming to our mind is an ATM. But what if there isn’t one? 

Finding an ATM with your bank’s server may sometimes get challenging. Either there isn’t one available, or it has a huge queue. And finding an ATM when we need cashback urgently isn’t always a genuine preference. But then again, what can you do? Drawing out cash from other bank’s ATMs will impose charges. 

Well, there’s always a way out. Have you ever considered opting for CVS cashback? Yes, you can draw your all-needed cash quickly from a CVS store. But how? And what is the CVS cashback limit? So, focus now, sit quietly and let us know all about it. If you are ready, let’s get started. 

CVS Cashback Limit – What is CVS Cashback?

CVS is one of the US’s largest chain markets with a primary focus on health products. CVS pharmacies are pretty much common in any state of the US. So, what is CVS cashback? As we said, taking out cash from an ATM is not always possible, especially when you don’t find one with your bank’s network. 

CVS stores across the country offer you cashback. You go to their store and buy whatever you like. Then during payment, the cashier may ask you whether you want cashback or not. This is when you can ask for cashback and get extra in your pocket. Later in this article, we will know how you can withdraw some money from a CVS store. 

How Can You Get Cashback from a CVS Store?

CVS comes in handy when you are running out of cash. When you can’t find an ATM, but you need some cash, look for a CVS store around you. Withdrawing money from CVS is as smooth as butter. You need to visit the store, buy something, pay an amount higher than your purchase. Then you can get the extra money in cash.

Yes, it is how it happens. But, there is more to it. CVS allows you to get cashback from any purchase using your debit card. But, there is a CVS cashback limit.

CVS stores offer you a maximum cashback of $35 on one purchase. It means that if you need more, you will need to make another purchase from the same or a different CVS store. 

So, in short, to draw cash out of your bank account from a CVS store, you will need to have a debit card. But, remember that every debit card has a daily limit. If you keep purchasing on CVS stores and it exceeds the daily limit, your bank may impose further charges for any debit usage. Plus, you need to buy at least one thing to get the cashback. 

What is the CVS Cashback Limit?

CVS Cashback Limit
CVS Cashback Limit

So, what is the CVS cashback limit? Of course, CVS comes in handy when you need some cash while you can’t find an ATM in your bank’s network. But, there is a limit to your cash withdrawal. You can’t expect CVS to give you hundreds of dollars like an ATM. But when you require little cash, you can count on the store. 

CVS cashback limit is $35 per purchase. It means that you can’t withdraw more than $35 in one purchase. If you wish to do that, you have to make another separate purchase from the same or a different store. But, remember that your debit card has a daily limit. If you cross that limit, your bank may impose charges on your transactions. 

How to Use Debit Card for Cashback at CVS

Getting cash back from a CVS store using your debit card is a hassle-free process. To start with, you have to make a purchase to get the cashback.

So, if you are only there to get the money, buy something cheap, or something you need quite often. In that way, you can save your money while getting some extra cash. 

However, you can also use your card for regular shopping and ask for some cash back. First, you have to take an item to the counter and, during the billing, pay the extra amount you want back. So, suppose you need $25 right now. You can go to the store and buy something worth $1. Now while paying, pay $26 in total. The counterman will pay you that extra $25 in cash. 

But, as said earlier, the CVS cashback limit allows you to draw a maximum cashback of $35 on one purchase. So, if you want something higher than that, you will have to make another separate purchase. 

CVS Cashback Limit
How to Use Debit Card for Cashback at CVS

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use your debit card at the CVS store for cashback. 

  • Visit a nearby CVS store.
  • Buy something from that store. If you are there just for cash, prefer putting a cheap item on the cart.
  • Get to the counter. The cashier or the card reader will ask you whether you want to opt for a cashback. Answer yes to that. 
  • When you pay, pay the cart value and the amount you want to withdraw. For example, if you wish to withdraw $30 cash and your cart value is $1, pay $31.
  • Confirm the total value and pay it using your debit card. The total amount will be deducted from your account. 
  • You will now receive the extra amount you paid during the transaction. 

Can I Use a Credit Card for CVS Cashback?

You can find many other stores offering you cashback using a credit card. But, CVS is not one of those. CVS does not allow you to withdraw money when you are paying using a credit card. To get cashback from CVS, you will need to pay only using your debit card. 

However, not all credit card companies allow you this feature either. You can withdraw money from some stores using most of the credit cards. The only exception is Discover cards. If you have a Discover credit card, you can use it in CVS stores to get the cash withdrawal. One of the best things about it is that Discover credit cards have a higher cashback value. 

With Discover credit cards, you can get a cashback of up to $120. However, the maximum cashback amount practically varies from store to store. So, even though the maximum value is something, a CVS store may have a different cap. 

But you can use the credit card in the same way as the debit card. First, you buy something and then pay the extra amount along with it. Once processed, you can get the extra amount back in cash. 

Why Should You Use CVS Cashback?

So, what are the benefits of using CVS cashback? Here we have mentioned some of the advantages of CVS cashback.

  1. Fast and Simple

Getting CVS cashback using your Debit card is one of the simplest processes. It is a hassle-free process where you can avail of the cash faster than anything. First of all, you don’t have to wait in queues, or waste time finding an ATM of your bank’s network. 

You can visit the store to purchase your daily essentials or visit one on your way. CVS has stores available all around the country. You can buy anything as low as $1 and pay the rest of the amount to get the cashback.  

All you have to do is to put your pin and pay the purchase amount. Voila! It takes less than minutes when you seriously need some cash. 

  1. No Additional Charges

No one knows when you need cash. The digitization of everything has made us all carry a card. We often pay via these. But in places where cards are not accepted, you will need cash to pay! But, what if you don’t find your bank’s ATM and have to withdraw the money from another ATM?

Withdrawing money from an ATM of another bank’s network may impose additional charges. You could use the money you pay for the “additional charge” at the CVS store to buy something necessary. CVS stores do not charge you anything for cash withdrawal. Thus, it is far more convenient and pocket-friendly. 

  1. Easily Available Stores 

CVS is one of America’s largest retail corporation chains. They have more than 9000 chains all over the country. So, it is pretty convenient to locate a store nearby. Another huge benefit of such availability is that you can always find one when you need it. 

Plus, since CVS stores do not charge you extra for withdrawing money, you don’t have to worry about anything else. It is undoubtedly one of the most prominent benefits of CVS cashback. So, you always have an option to visit a store and fill your pocket with a little money. 

What Other Stores Offer Cashback?

Is there any other store like CVS that provides cashback? Suppose you are in a place where there is neither CVS nor your bank’s ATM. So, what can you do if you need some extra cash? So, there are some other stores as well from where you can withdraw some money, like CVS. 

Some of these stores are Walmart, Target, Dollar General, Walgreens, Kroger, Safeway, Sam’s Club, etc. But each of these has a cashback limit. Here is a detail of the maximum cashback limit you can avail from each of these mentioned stores. 

What is Walmart Cashback Limit?

Walmart is one of America’s most known retail chains, with more than 11,000 hypermarkets all over the country. You can get a maximum cashback of $100 from Walmart. But, you will get this amount in multiples of $20. It means that you can withdraw cash in $20, $40, $60, $80, and $100. 

But if you need more than that, you can avail of a maximum of three different purchases with a $100 cashback limit. It means that you can have a total of $300 in a day. But for that, you need to make purchases in three different Walmart stores. 

What is Target Cashback Limit?

Target is among the 8 big retailers in the country. So, how much cash back can you get at Target? Target offers their customers a maximum cashback of up to $40 if paid using their debit card. Make sure to mention that you want cashback during checkout. 

Target cashback does not always work on self-check-outs. So, it would be better to run a quick inquiry if it is available for self-checkout at a specific store. Also, Target does not charge you anything for money withdrawal, but your bank may. So, you should better know that as well. 

What is the Dollar General Cashback Limit?

Dollar General has more than 16,000 retail points around the country from where you can get cashback. The company offers a maximum cashback of up to $40. You can get it in multiples of $10. To avail of the cashback, you have to use your debit card. However, you can use a Paypal debit card as well for the purpose. 

The only problem with Dollar General is that they charge you for the service. The fee charged varies according to the store location. Some stores may charge you $2, whereas others may charge $1 for $10 and $20. If it is $30 or $40, they may charge you $1.50. So, before you avail of their service, make sure you know the service charge. 

What is Walgreens Cashback Limit?

Walgreen is the country’s second-largest pharmacy chain, positioned right after the CVS. You can get cashback from your purchases at their retail stores. However, the cashback amount is relatively small as compared to other companies. Walgreens offers you to withdraw a maximum of $20 in multiples of $5 in one purchase. 

But, if you want more, you can make multiple purchases. Walgreen doesn’t have any service charge. One of the most significant benefits of Walgreen is that they don’t have a minimum purchase value for this. You can buy a product for as low as $0.01 and still receive the cashback. 

What is Kroger Cashback Limit?

So what is the Kroger cashback limit? Kroger is another retail chain that offers cashback. But the pinch is that it provides larger cashback than any other retail chain in the country. The cashback limit for Kroger is $300. You can use your debit card for purchasing at their store to get the cashback processed. 

Kroger cashback is a convenient option for customers, provided you need a higher value in your pocket. However, Kroger charges you a service fee of $0.50 for cash back up to $100. However, if the payment is higher than that, they will charge you $3.50.

What is Safeway Cashback Limit?

Safeway has around 900 stores all over the country. This retail chain, like the ones mentioned above, offers you cashback. So, what is the Safeway cashback limit? Safeway allows its customers to get a maximum cashback of $200 from their retail stores. You can get this cashback using your debit card at the cash counter. 

What is Sam’s Club Cashback Limit?

Sam’s Club, owned by Walmart, is a membership-only retail chain operating all around the country. Since Walmart owns it, you can avail of their cashback facility here as well. Sam’s Club offers you a maximum cashback of $100. The terms are quite the same as Walmart. You would need to use your debit card to avail the facility. 


CVS has more than 9000 active stores operating all around the country. So, finding one is not that hard. The best advantage of CVS cashback is that they don’t charge you anything as a service fee. Plus, given most of their stores are pharmacies, you can always get cashback whenever you buy medicine or things alike. 

Although the CVS cashback limit is low, it is enough for anyone wanting to keep a little cash. However, if you need some more, you can make a separate purchase anytime. But, if you are doing so, make sure you know the limit of debit card spends per day. Your bank may impose charges if you cross that limit. That said, we hope this article was helpful enough. Do let us know what you think, in the comment box. 

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