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Quick Facts: You can get cash back at CVS with a limit of $35 per transaction. You can’t do it with credit cards or checks. You have to purchase something to do it, but there is no minimum. CVS is probably the most popular pharmacy in the US with 10,000 locations.

Did you know you can get cash at CVS? Yup, the CVS cash back limit and more valuable information is the topic of this article, while you might think who uses cash these days, you be surprised that cash is still widely used and people need a quick way to get some cash without looking for an ATM.

Cash back Limit at CVS

The CVS cash back limit is $35 per transaction and you will need to make a purchase to get cash, but there is no minimum so you can just get the cheapest thing.

Let’s see the table below to see what the cash back limit is at CVS stores and payment method

Method of paymentCash back LimitAvailability / Ease
Apple Pay $35 with no feesYes
Self-checkoutUp to $35 (in $10, $5 bills)Yes
Bank Debit Cards Up to $35Yes, if there’s sufficient balance in your account 
Credit Cards NANo 
Personal Check NANo 

Here’s a step by step guide on how to get cash back at CVS:

Just walk in to any CVS you find around you. and do this:

  • Go inside and walk to the cash register or self check out.
  • When you go to the self check out register, just swipe your debit card, if you are with a human, just give him or her the card and let him know you want cash back.
  • When a message pops up on screen asking you if you would like cash back, tap YES or just choose the amount.
  • Choose the amount you want, either $5, $10, $20, $30 or $35 and click OK
  • Get your cash and your card will be charged for that extra amount

NOTE – CVS does not accept credit cards or checks or gift cards for cash backs. Only debit cards.

CVS Cash Back Comparison with Other Stores

Let’s see how CVS cash back compares to other retailers and stores that offer the same. Each with their own fees and rules

Store NameMax Cash back LimitService Charges
Dollar General$40None
Kroger$300$0.50 for cash back up to $100$3.50 for higher values

CVS stores offer you a maximum cash back of $35 on one purchase. It means that if you need more, you will need to make another purchase from the same or a different CVS store. 

It’s easy to see that CVS is in a good place in the middle in the cash back limit they offer, however with the high number of locations, they for sure make up for it.

While other stores like Target and Walmart offer higher limits, CVS is a great option for quick cash. if you want to learn about the Target cash back program, read this post we wrote about it.

What is the CVS Cash back Program and Cash Back in general?

Cash Back has become a very popular option in recent years for stores to offer their costumers a way to withdraw cash without having to place ATMs in their stores.

Usually stores allow to withdraw between a few dollars to $100 for some quick cash. In most cases you can’t use a credit card either so only debit cards will work.

The way it actually works is very simple, let’s say you but goods in CVS and your total bill is $15, when you’re at the cash register you can ask for a cash back so let’s say you wanted $20 in cash. So this will just be added to your total bill, your debit card will get billed the extra $20 and the cashier will give you cash instead. Easy, and quick.

Here are the full guidelines and rules for the Cash Back at CVS

There is no minimum purchase

While some stores ask you to make a minimum purchase amount before you can ask or a cash back, CVS does not. This means you can get into the store and buy whatever you want, even if it costs only 0.50 cents and ask for a cash back

Cash Back limit at CVS

The limit in CVS stores for cash back is $35 per transaction. If you need more cash you will need to make a new transaction. You can ask for any available bill type the cashier has on hand.

Gift Cards

CVS does not allow gift cards to be used for cash back. Only debit cards. You can however use gift cards to buy goods at the store like in any other store.


There are no fees to do a cash back in the store. However, you do need to make a purchase so it will be a sort of fee, but if you go purchase something anyway, it’s basically free.

Benefits of cash back

What are the benefits of using cash back? Here are a few pros of using cash back either at CVS or other stores.

  1. Fast and Simple

Getting cash back using your Debit card is one of the simplest processes. It is a hassle-free process where you can get the cash faster than anywhere else. First of all, you don’t have to wait in queues, or waste time finding an ATM of your bank’s network. 

You can visit the store to purchase your daily essentials or visit one on your way. CVS has stores available all around the country. You can buy anything as low as $1 and pay the rest of the amount to get the cash back.  

All you have to do is to put your pin and pay the purchase amount. Voila!

  1. No Additional Charges

Withdrawing money from an ATM of another bank’s network may impose additional charges. You could use the money you pay for the “additional charge” at the CVS store to buy something you actually need. CVS stores do not charge you anything for cash withdrawal. Thus, it is far more convenient and pocket-friendly. 

  1. Easily Available Stores 

CVS is one of America’s largest retail chains. They have around 10,000 locations all over the country. So, it is pretty convenient to locate a store nearby.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use a Credit Card for CVS Cash back?

CVS does not allow you to withdraw money when you are paying using a credit card. To get cash back from CVS, you will need to pay only using your debit card. 


CVS has more than 10,000 active stores operating all around the country. So, finding one is not that hard. The best advantage of CVS cash back is that they don’t charge you anything as a service fee. Plus, given most of their stores are pharmacies, you can always get cash back whenever you buy medicine or things alike. 

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