Does Emerald Card Deposit on Saturdays? Here’s Everything We Know

Getting tax deposits, refunds, and loan proceeds are easier when you have a specific prepaid card or account for it. Emerald card by H&R Block serves the same purpose and doubles as a debit card to make bill payments. 

Emerald card provides easy access to the funds deposited by various government agencies. Tax refunds, government benefits, unemployment benefits, payroll, etc., can be deposited to the card instead of a bank account. 

Now, the question is – Does Emerald card deposit on Saturdays? Yes, Emerald card deposits on Saturdays, provided the payer transfers the money on that day. The card usually shows direct deposits around 4 AM CST on the date previously set by the payer/ depositor. Sounds cool, right? Let’s read more about the Emerald card and how to use it for deposits and payments. 

What is Emerald Card?

The Emerald card is a prepaid card offered by H&R Block (now owned by Metabank). The prepaid Mastercard is used mainly to get direct deposits from IRS, employers, and government agencies. You can add funds to your Emerald card and use it to pay bills. You can also use the Emerald card at stores that accept Mastercard debit cards. 

The Emerald card is not a credit card. You cannot use it to pay for more than what is in your account. You cannot maintain a negative balance and add money after paying. The card can be used only for the amount deposited in it. For example, if you have $600 deposited in your Emerald card, you cannot spend more than that amount using the card. 

Access the card information through the MyBlock app and manage your finances without feeling stressed. Some services are free on the Emerald card, while others are paid. Services like 10-day funding, purchase payments, cash back at stores, etc., are free. 

Reasons to Use Emerald Card 

Despite the service charges for some features, the Emerald card has various advantages to offer. It is a user-friendly, safe, and quick service to cardholders. 

Direct Deposits 

Want to get all direct deposits into a single account? The Emerald card is the right choice. From tax refunds to government benefits, check deposits, and more, you can set up all incoming money to go into a single account. 

Cash Back at Stores 

The Emerald card works similarly to a debit card. Use it at stores to get immediate cash back when you need quick money. No additional charges apply. 

ATM Withdrawals 

Withdraw money from your Emerald card from any ATM in the US. A transaction fee is applicable, but the process is straightforward and similar to how you use your credit and debit cards.

Mobile App 

MyBlock is a mobile app by H&R Block (now Metabank) designed for cardholders to stay up to date with their account information. You can set up bill payments, add money to the card, and track deposits from the same interface. 

Bill Payments 

It’s sometimes easy to forget the deadline for bills. Set up payments using your Emerald card and automate the process. Let the bank do the rest. However, remember to ensure sufficient balance in the card account at all times. 

Savings Account 

Do you want to save money for emergencies? Use the Emerald card as a savings account. Get deposits to the card, and don’t touch them until you need emergency funds. 

Insured Funds 

Metabank insures the funds in Emerald card accounts for the maximum amount permitted by the law. Emerald cards are also covered under the Mastercard Zero Liability policy. That’s double protection. 

How to Use Emerald Card for Direct Deposits?

The process is similar to most deposits by government agencies. The agencies will send money to the account you mention in your applications. Make sure to enter the card number and other information correctly. All card deposits are processed online. 

  • Apply for an Emerald card before you file the tax returns. 
  • Once your application is processed, Metabank will offer you a card with a unique identification number. 
  • Your Emerald card needs to be active to use for direct deposits. 
  • Then file your tax return (online/ offline). 
  • You can choose different ways to get a refund from IRS. 
  • Select the Emerald card and follow the instructions on the screen. 
  • You need to add your card information to your tax return for IRS to deposit the amount. 
  • Complete the filing process and wait for IRS to do the rest. 
  • You will be informed when the amount will be credited to your account. 
  • Check your account balance after the said date to confirm that the deposit has been made. 

When Does Emerald Card Deposit Funds? 

Emerald cards do deposits soon after they receive the payments from IRS. For other payers, the deposit funds are loaded at 4 AM CST on the date set by the payer. If you reloaded cash to your Emerald card or did a money transfer from another account, the amount will reflect immediately. 

IRS Deposits 

There is no standard duration to process IRS deposits. IRS takes anywhere between eight and twenty-one days to process your tax return. The actual period depends on the complexity of your finances. IRS will mention the dates the deposits will be made to the accounts. Your emerald card will process the funds soon after the deposit is done. 


Check deposits take ten days if you choose the free service. You can speed up the process to less than a day by opting for a paid service. A 4% fee is added to complete check-to-fund transactions on your Emerald card within minutes. This is reduced to 2% for government checks with printed signatures and pre-printed payrolls. Metabank charges a minimum of $2 for quick check-to-fund tractions. 

You can use the refund tracker on the H&R Block website to stay updated about direct deposits from IRS. You can also contact customer care to help you with it. If IRS or the payer deposits money on Saturday, the funds will be processed accordingly. 


Emerald card is useful, convenient, and safe to accept deposits and make payments. It is a versatile prepaid card that lets you manage your finances. The deposits are reflected based on the plan you choose (free vs. paid) from Metabank. 

That said, the Emerald card prevents you from spending more than what’s in your account and keeps your money safe from cybercriminals. 

We hope you have all the necessary information on “Does Emerald Card Deposit on Saturdays.” See you soon with another important topic. 

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