What is Walgreens Jingle Cash? Jingle Cash Explained

Walgreens jingle cash is a promotional activity the organization does the first two weeks after Thanksgiving. You earn the jingle cash this week to spend it all the following week. It is not similar to registering rewards or balance rewards points, but you earn jingle cash when purchasing for a certain amount. 

This reward system gives jingle cash coupons on qualifying purchases in Walgreens stores or on their online website, walgreens.com, with their cards. It adds up, and the next trip to the store will be a caving trip!

Walgreens Jingle Cash – What is Walgreens

Walgreens is a retail company that sells a wide range of products. It came to the spotlight with their pharmacy stores, but the brand eventually picked up in other product lines. It is the second-largest pharmacy store chain in the United States, and by the end of 2019, it had over 9277 stores spread across the continent. 

The company started its jingle cash promotional activity in 2010 and has been fully fledged to be implemented everywhere from 2012. Customers have to purchase to earn and gather the jingle cash coupons. They can use the coupons on the Walgreen products and use them at any stores or even online stores. Usually, after Thanksgiving, the activity takes place from November 26 to December 3 to earn the jingle cash.

What are all the products Walgreens sells?

Walgreens was established in 1901, being that old, the brand has too many product lines under its domain. The brand is famous for its pharmacy stores, but that’s not all. Let’s look at all the products:


Here the company stocks medicines in different pharmacies like hospitals or countryside pharma stores other than their exclusive stores. They take bulk orders and new orders and keep a regular tab on their customers, both retailers and end consumers. 

Medicines & treatments

Some common medicines can be bought easily, but most of the strong doses strictly need prescriptions to avoid any errors. Allergy and sinus tablets can be purchased, while some Walgreens establishments also treat allergies with the help of their in-house doctors.

The store also has children’s health care products that will not be accepted without doctor prescriptions. Skin Care ointments, ENT products, and creams are available easily, along with supplements

and other standard medicines. Medicines and treatments are the primary product lines of Walgreens. They have an exclusive line of vitamins and supplements available in their stores and their health care centers. 

Medical services

Walgreens provides health care centers where you can find professionals and get treated. They have their health centers all across the US. The health care centers are not big hospitals but provide everything a patient would need for immediate attention. The centers offer flu shots, vaccinations, and immunization shots. It is a perfect place to get treated for minor problems. They also have inbuilt pharmacies to get medicines easily. 

Home health care products

Walgreens Jingle Cash

When you have patients at home, it is necessary to have suitable medical accessories to aid the patient to cope up and heal. Walgreens provides a wide range of health care products for this cause.

It has pads, liners, protective underwear, briefs, cloths, wipes, bedding protection, bedpans, urinals, cleaners, disinfectants, lotions, mobility aid, hearing assistance, orthopedic aids, bands, wound cares, compression stockings, and hosiery. 

They also offer walkers, rollators, wheelchairs, transport chairs, canes, crutches, scooters, medical scrubs, clothing, protective gear, supports, and braces. For women who have breast cancer, they have breast enhancers, breast lotions to reduce the pain, and supportive bras.

The brand also gives bathroom safety products like bath lifts, mats, bran bars, shower seats, and many more. Walgreens tries its best to ease people’s lives.

Contacts & glasses

The brand offers trendy and up-to-date styled contacts and glasses. They have a wide range of eye accessories which you can shop online or offline.

There are exclusive walk-in stores to pick the best contacts or glasses. They also provide eye solutions, drops, and cases for you to buy. Some of their exclusive stores have in-house eye doctors who can prescribe you eye supplements and medicines for your eye issues. 


Pharmacy is not just medicines for medical problems, but it’s also about skincare, beauty care. Walgreens has a wide range of in-house products under their beauty line.

They have good quality skincare products like facial moisturizers, body and hand moisturizers, cleansers, scrubs, masks, toners, lip treatments, skincare tools, natural and organic skincare products, and many more. 

The line also has good makeup products, hair care products which include natural and organic shampoos and conditioners, and the fragrance consists of perfumes and deodorants.

Their line extends to nail care, bath and body products, and exclusive men’s beauty collections. The beauty line definitely assures you beauty. If you want to buy a beauty gift set, go to the nearby Walgreen store! 

Personal care

Under personal care, Walgreens covers medically prescribed products like pregnancy and fertility medicines, foot care creams, eye drops, and feminine care under personal care. Lip care products and massage, relaxation products can be bought directly.

The hearing devices and amplifiers can also be purchased without prescriptions. Other devices and monitors need a consultation before purchasing. The personal care product line extends to sun care products, shaving, grooming products for both men  & women, and oral care products. 


When it comes to the pet product line, Walgreens sells a wide range of dog accessories, dog food, cat accessories, cat food, and other types of food and supplements for other pets.

It is partnered with PetShoppe, which provides an excellent range of pet treats, toys, grooming products, accessories, waste management products, and medicines for pets. Some of the Walgreens stores have pet clinics next to them. 

Home goods

Walgreens may be the best in their pharmacy sector, but it also leads to home goods. They have arts and crafts, party supplies, kitchen products, dining sets, and dining décor.

They have an excellent collection of heaters, coolers, air humidifiers, storage installments, wall decors, baskets and bins, cupboards, bookshelves, and small home appliances like sewing tools, irons, steamers, and kitchen appliances. 


Walgreens offers various brands for its collection of cellphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, audio systems, batteries. They sell printers, printing ink, the latest electronics like earphones, AirPods, and many more.

They have a limited collection of electronics, but the company makes sure to sell those on the top of the list. Check out their speakers and audio systems for four-wheelers. They are pretty exciting. 

Office stationery 

When it comes to office stationery, Walgreens is pretty standardized. It has the latest calendars and planners for all age groups.

They have a binder, folder, files, markers, pens, pencils, glue, tapes, and fasteners. Next time your kid has a project to do, you know Walgreens has you covered. The store also provides backpacks, laptop bags, mailing accessories, packing materials, office tools, and journals. They have perfect stationery for all walks of life. 

Toys & games

For every kid’s fantasy, Walgreens offers a good collection of toys and games. It has fun games as well as educational and learning games. The gaming materials also include outdoor gaming equipment like tennis balls, tennis racquets, foam Tball set, kids basketball, and many more.

Sexual wellness

The store provides a wide range of condoms in different flavors, contraceptives, lubricants, moisturizers, intimate care products, and sexual wellness supplements.

They also have feminine products, while pregnancy and fertility products need a prescription before purchasing. Some stores also offer vibrators and adult toys, but they are more extensively available on the online Walgreens store than offline. 

Fitness & nutrition

Being one of the leaders in the medical sector, Walgreens understands the need for good health. Keeping that in mind, the company offers a wide range of health and nutrition products.

It is very easy to find energy bars, diet-based products, diet food, energy drinks, fresh fruit juices, and weight management supplements in any store. They also offer yoga, exercise, and pilates equipment. They give out sports medicines too. Next time, Walgreens is the destination to start a healthy life.

 Baby & kids 

Walgreens offers premium products, especially in the baby and kids line. According to the brand, children and babies are customers who cannot explain their pain in words, making it even more important to make sure the products are comfortable and soft.

There are many baby and kids products like bibs, feeding essentials, baby safety products, shampoos, skin and hair care products. Their entire line of babies and kids preps both the parent and the kid. 

Halloween grocery

What is Walgreens Jingle Cash? Jingle Cash Explained

With Halloween coming around the corner, Walgreens offers an entire collection to gear you up for  Halloween. There are candies, treats, toys, and Halloween décor. Even the costumes, party supplies, outdoor décor, trick or treat accessories are available at the stores.

Walgreens puts out a fresh stock of pumpkins in some of its stores along with pumpkin carving kits to make your Halloween pretty exciting and interesting. It’s time to stop by Walgreens to shop for the upcoming festivals.

The key points you need to know about Jingle cash

  • Jingle cash coupons should be earned on your total purchase after applicable jingle discounts and store coupons, but rewards are implied before the manufacturer coupons or registers. This way you can make more. 
  • Only one jingle cash coupon can be redeemed on every transaction of $30 or more. 
  • Unfortunately, you can hold on to the jingle cash only for a week. You have to redeem the coupons the following week. 
  • The jingle cash coupon cannot be combined with other store coupons in the same payment transaction or billing. 
  • The jingle cash coupons are applicable on particular items. They cannot be earned or redeemed on gifts, phones, sim cards, medical prescriptions, and the law prohibiting items like alcohol, tobacco, prescriptions of savings club membership cards, charitable contributions, dairy products, or lottery tickets. 
  • The best advantage of jingle cash coupons is that they can be earned in one way and spent on the other. For example, you can earn them online while you can redeem them in a walk-in store. This way, your shopping experience is fun and exciting.

Are there other coupons available at Walgreens?

Walgreens keeps up with the trends and the seasons. Every season they come up with new offers and discounts. They constantly have in-store coupons where new products or clearance products have extensive deals. They even have retail coupons where they give vouchers for brands after a certain amount of purchase. 

Even though these discounts are pretty common and standardized across all the stores, jingle cash coupons are the most exciting one of them all.

Different stores have different offers based on the location and the stock. There is always something on the discount sale and even comes as combo discounts. 

Is Walgreens better than jingle cash coupons?

People often get confused between myWalgreens and jingle cash coupons. Walgreens is a membership card that gives exciting offers and discounts as you become a part of the Walgreens family.

It is applicable any time of the year, while the jingle cash coupon is only applicable after Thanksgiving for two weeks. 

Walgreens is definitely better as it offers more rewards to save more. This card is applicable even in their pharmacies and helps to unlock sales prices.

You can save around 2 to 5 % on purchases every time. With membership, you can pick up your orders in just 30 minutes, get them delivered within an hour. The membership also guides you with real-time environmental and health forecasts to set your lifestyle on track. 

The next version of myWalgreens card is the myWalgreens credit card. The credit card offers thrice the cash rewards and discounts on every purchase.

The cash rewards can be unlocked easily at checkout and reduce your billing by half. The Jingle cash coupon is seasonal, while the myWalgreens card is an all year rewarding system. 

Can both store discounts and jingle cash coupons be applied together?

Unfortunately, jingle cash and store discounts cannot be applied simultaneously, even though there are some exceptions. Store discounts or combo discounts reduce the bill, while jingle cash is earned on higher bills. There is absolutely no point in applying all the discounts to earn jingle cash. 

The best way to work on it is by applying only jingle cash while buying the first week. In that way, you earn coupons for every $30, $50, and more. You can bill after applying all the store discounts and coupons on the next visit and then pay with jingle cash. This way you will buy more.

Are jingle points and jingle cash the same thing?

No, jingle points add up to jingle cash, but they are different. People with membership cards will get their jingle points updated directly in their cards. You will have to shop at Walgreens from November 29 to December 12. 

The jingle cash coupons are in paper formats which have to be used up in the next two weeks, but with membership cards, the jingle points can be used for future purchases irrespective of the time frame. 

  • Spend $30 with a card to earn 5000 points which amount to $5 of jingle cash.
  • Spend $50 with a card to earn 10,000 points which add up to $10 jingle cash.
  • Spend $100 with a card to earn 18,000 points which value $20 jingle cash.

Unfortunately, jingle points cannot be earned for online purchases, but jingle cash can be earned. You have to clearly look for the differences between the online and offline stores for the offers and products available. They vary on a large scale. The points are different from jingle cash coupons.


Walgreens jingle cash is a game-changer for many retail sectors, especially during the festive season. The company does it after Thanksgiving and well in advance of Christmas.

This gives people time to purchase twice or thrice. The offer starts at a crucial time of Christmas, and Thanksgiving will provide a clear picture of what you should gear up before Christmas.

The store gets completely stocked up, and they have the latest products with the highest-rated brands. 

They come up with many seasonal combos, in-store discounts, and clearance sales, along with jingle cash coupons. This promotional activity excites many customers for the products on the racks and the jingling cash you get to go home with. Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s go to the nearest Walgreens after Thanksgiving already!

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