Does Target Accept Checks? Paying with Checks at Target Guide

Does Target accept checks? When shopping at one of the largest retailers this question comes up a lot. Many people who like to shop and usually they shop in bulk in these big stores so they usually don’t always have large amounts of cash with them, so paying with checks can be a good idea. In this article, we will review if you can pay with checks in Target, and if so, what’s the process like.

Are you planning to go on a shopping spree but are afraid of how you will pay the enormous bill without a credit card? If that is what is going through your mind, then you are at the right place. Here, we will help you figure out how you can pay in the form of a check at Target.

We can understand your fear of not having enough money at hand while paying up at the counter. If you have already planned over a Target haul weekend. In that case, you never know how much money you would need.

However, now you never have to worry about carrying cash in your purse because we can help you out. Read further to know if Target actually accepts checks or not, and if it doesn’t, how can you use checks to make the payment.

Key Takeaways 

– Now paying up is not a hurdle between you and your extravagant shopping haul. 
– All you have to do is sign a check and submit it to the cashier at Target, and that’s it.
– While paying with a check, you will be at ease as they have a no-limit policy when paying with checks.

Does Target Accept Checks? What Types Of Payment Method Does Target Accept? 

Does Target accept checks?
Does Target accept checks?

Usually, Target accepts American currency at the checkout. Moreover, it is much more common to accept US dollars as it is an American brand. However, Target accepts many other forms of payments, too, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Target RedCards

Target has launched its cards as well, known as Target RedCards. These cards are available in different forms of cards like; credit cards, debit cards, and Master cards. All these cards are sponsored by Target and have written over them Target Cards. 

One thing that is surprising about these RedCards is that then you get to have promotional notifications. You can easily purchase one by providing your credentials and have fun. Besides, you can collect points while paying up while using these cards, which can be redeemed later for gifts. Fabulous, isn’t it?

2. Third-Part Credit Cards

If you are using any third-party credit card like American Express, the good news is that Target accepts that. Moreover, it also has some discounts for you if you are a frequent user. However, you must keep one thing in mind: the third-party credit card you are using is connected with Visa or Master card. Additionally, ensure that you can use them as a credit card for hassle-free payment.

3. Target Gift Cards

You can get a Target gift card at Starbucks for being a loyal customer. So, you must be wondering what can you actually do with that? Well, you can essentially use that gift card for paying up at Target.

4. PayPal

If you are an online shopping freak, then Target has a perfect solution for you as well. You can readily pay up using your PayPal account at or even using the Target app. However, remember that you can’t pay up for Target Plus items using PayPal. 

5. Pay Checks

Also, suppose you are not fond of counting money, or you can’t carry too much money altogether. In that scenario, Target has another solution for you. Target accepts checks! You can pay up easily using checks. 

What Type Of Checks Are Accepted At Target?

Does Target accept checks
types of checks that are accepted by Target

Till now, you have already identified which of the mode you are going for. However, if you are paying up in the form of checks, then you must consider some of the points beforehand. Even though Target accepts checks for payment at its stores, it still has a specific criterion for doing so.

  1. Criterion
    Initially, you have to pass through the check verification test, only then will your check be accepted, and your due is cleared. The verification may involve some of the necessary credentials asked by Target’s staff. 
  2. Credible Checks
    Moreover, you never have to worry about your confidentiality, as your information is way too safe with them. Accordingly, Target only accepts the checks which the banks of the US provide. Moreover, it will never accept any checks which are from foreign bank accounts.
  3. Business Checks
    Also, there is an exception to some business checks, but unfortunately, most of your business checks aren’t accepted at Target. Besides, if you are a tourist with a check from a foreign bank account, you must steer clear of the check payment mode.
  4. Payroll Checks
    Moreover, if you are wondering about payroll checks or personal checks, then let us tell you that, unfortunately, Target doesn’t accept any of these. Moreover, suppose you ever want to cash your checks. For that case, Target doesn’t offer any financial services like check cashing or money orders.

How Are Checks Identified At Target?

On the one hand, paying using checks might sound easy-going to you, but on the other hand, the process of acceptance is much more complex. You can’t just shop a whole lot of a shop and just pay up in the form of a piece of paper and go home. No, that’s not how it works!

How does The Identification Process work?

In fact, as discussed above, you must have to go through some steps of verification. These steps are;

  1. While paying at Target using a check, you will be asked to provide your ID card. You can simply show up your state, federal, or military photo ID as Target accepts all of these. 
  2. Moreover, if you have none of the above, you can simply show up your state driver’s license or your unofficial driver’s license. 

Through this method, they are aware of your real identity. Also, this information is kept confidential and is used if there is an issue.

How Is The Information Used?

Often checks are rebounded, or they may have some faults; in that case, they can contact you using your credentials. Let’s look over the proper verification steps and how it happens at America’s most giant Home depot Target. 

does target accept checks
Verification process to pay with checks at Target

The Process Of Verification

Step #1 Validate Your Check’s Identity

After identifying your check and its authorized personnel, the check must pass through some essential steps to get accepted as payment. These steps aren’t too complicated but are necessary for security reasons.

Step #2: Pass The Check Through The Electronic Test With The Certegy Risk Management Company

As being the busiest store, Target’s employees have no time to verify each and every check individually. Just have a thought of verifying about thousands of checks daily, that too manually; sounds terrifying, right?!

For the purpose of ease, Target uses electronic methods to verify your checks. Target has appointed a third-party risk management company named Certegy to validate all the checks you provide.

Firstly, Certegy analyzes the check you have provided. The analysis includes; whether your information over the check is authentic or not. Moreover, this system examines whether the information you have provided over the check is against their risk model or not. For the stance, if your check is against it, then it may be discarded, and if not, it will be accepted. 

However, as an electronically based software, Certegy may even commit blunders as well. If your check is discarded by any chance, you can readily contact them at their helpline and ask them for further assistance. 

Step #3: Either The Check Is Accepted Or Declined

Also, if you want to know why your check was discarded, you can go through the declined check lookup feature to know the reason why your check was declined. The process of the verification goes as followed.

Note: if you ever had a negative file with Certegy, then there are possibilities that your check will be rejected, no matter at what retail you use it.

What Happens To The Returned Checks?

Target accepting checks
Returned checks at Target

While you are using checks to pay, specific issues can arise, like; 

  • Returning the checks or 
  • Even discarding them. 

Meanwhile, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or feel anxious because your check has been rejected, as there can be many reasons.

Hence as soon as you pay using checks, Target redeems your check on the same day. Yes, they are that spontaneous. However, if they are not redeeming on the same day, they can do it tomorrow but not later.

As soon as your check is accepted, the amount will instantly be deducted from your account. However, it is not that simple as it sounds. Checks are often returned because there are some technical faults, or there may be some informational fault. Lastly, there may not be a sufficient balance in your account.

Technical Issues

In all the stances, Target’s employees will contact you and ensure that you know the issue. In most cases, they ask for another check if there is any informational or technical issue with the check.

Insufficient Balance

However, in terms of the insufficient amount of balance in the account, they will charge an additional $30. This amount will be deducted from your account electronically. And that punishment isn’t enough for insufficient balance. They will also ensure that you never pay up in checks in the future.

Therefore, rejecting every kind of check, you may further offer for paying. If you never want this to happen, make sure that you have enough funds in your account so you can cover the purchase before paying while using a check.

Is Paying Through Checks Any Good Or Not?

Now, you know what kind of payments and checks Target accepts and how they are verified. However, it is a matter of concern whether there is any advantage of using checks as a mode of payment or not?

For instance, if you are an avid Target fan, you may notice the hype everyone using checks to pay up, but are these checks worth this hype? The answer to it depends on what kind of a buyer you are.

Above all, not only the gains of the buyers are significant, but can this check payment mode benefit the Target community or not? Let’s read about this in the next section!

Benefits Of Paying Through Checks For The Consumers

If we talk in general, buyers are the ones who are benefitting from this trend the most. Not as in terms of gaining something or what- as shopping will always lead you to pay. However, with the check payment system, the buyers will have no issue deciding how much money to take.

In contrast, if you have insufficient balance in your account, you may suffer a lot. As discussed earlier, Target may cost you some extra bucks when you cannot suffice the amount they require.

Moreover, gone are the days when only banks had access to your bank account number. While writing a check, you are already providing the other person with your bank account number. Therefore, you must be careful whether you have shared your information purposefully or not.

Benefits Of Paying Through Checks For The Target

All in all, Target may face benefits only if the check is accepted. However, if the check is not accepted and the owner is not responding, they might have to go through a huge loss. However, according to their employees, it is much convenient to handle checks than real money.


Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of how you can pay through checks at Target. So now you will never be uncertain about how much money you want and how much you must carry. However, to keep yourself safe from the embarrassment, ensure that the check you are paying belongs to an American bank and has enough of the credit required. 

Moreover, don’t forget to take your ID card and credentials while using a check for payment, as that is the only way Target will accept your check. For now, enjoy and shop it till you drop!

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