Can Credit Cards Get Wet?

Credit cards are water-resistant to some extent, and getting them wet accidentally will most likely cause no damage to the card. 

The design of these cards makes them quite durable and able to last rough uses. Even if they get wet somehow, wipe the water off using a dry cloth, and the card will work just fine.

Credit cards have become an essential part of our day-to-day life, being easy to use and convenient to carry rather than cash. However, one of the common concerns people have about credit cards is what will happen if they accidentally get them wet. 

Will the card work? Is there anything they can do to ensure it does not get damaged after being wet? Read on below to find out what will happen if your credit cards get wet.

What Happens If A Credit Card Gets Wet?

Unless your credit card got damaged physically, nothing happens if it ever gets wet. You will be able to use the credit card just as before after drying it using a cloth.

A credit card can have a magnetic strip or an EMV chip used to store the account information of the person to whom the card belongs. This information is crucial for making payments using your credit card.

The circuitry and the EMV chip in your credit card are sealed using epoxy resin and then placed between two layers of plastic. So when you drop your card in water, the water will not reach the chip or circuitry. 

Can Credit Cards Get Wet

What if Water Reaches Your Credit Card?

If water somehow manages to reach the chip bypassing the plastic and the resin, you will be able to use your card once it gets dried completely.

Your card only contains a chip and circuit and not any active power source inside, which can get damaged by getting in contact with water.

Even though getting a credit card wet causes no damage to it, you should try to avoid doing that. If your card is left in water for too long or gets washed frequently with your clothes in a hot water cycle, it can get damaged. 

Hot water may cause the glue to come off and separate the plastic layers, resulting in your card getting damaged.

Using credit cards daily makes it possible to get your credit card wet. If you accidentally take a dip in the swimming pool with your credit card or forget to take out the credit card from your pant pockets before doing laundry, if it happens once, there is no need to worry about it.

What Happens If Your Credit Cards Get Submerged In Water?

Your credit card will not get damaged even if submerged in water. Credit cards are highly durable and made to survive rough uses.

If your credit card got wet while you were out in the rain or due to accidental spillage of a drink, all you need to do is wipe off the water, and your card will be fine. 

Even if your card got completely submerged in water, like dropping it in a bathtub or swimming pool, your card would work fine as it is water-resistant, and water will not cause any damage to it.

The chip and the magnetic strip on your credit card are enclosed completely to have no damage from the water. Also, if water gets inside the chip, it will work just fine after drying completely since there are no active circuits.

Can Credit Cards Get Wet

What Happens If Your Credit Card Goes Through A Wash Cycle?

What happens to your credit card after it has been inside a wash cycle will depend upon the temperature of the water. Your credit card may work fine if you run the washing machine on a cold water cycle. 

But if the machine runs on a hot wash cycle, then there is a high possibility of your credit card getting damaged.

Another reason for your credit card to get damaged in a wash cycle would be the spinning motion of the washing machine. 

The card will get tossed and turned inside the washing machine throughout the wash cycle, and it can get damaged physically with the buttons and zippers on clothes hitting it. It can also bend with all the motion.

While your credit card will most likely survive a wash cycle if the temperature is not too high as it is waterproof, it is prone to get damaged with all the motion, so it is better to check your pockets before doing your laundry.

Can Credit Cards Get Wet?

What Happens If Your Credit Card Goes Through A Dryer?

Do not ever put your credit card inside a dryer. The heat inside a dryer is far too much for your credit card to handle. 

In addition, the outer covering of your credit card is made of plastic, and when the temperature gets too hot, plastic can soften, resulting in your credit card getting bent out of shape.

Do Credit Cards Work After Getting Wet?

Yes, credit cards work after getting wet. Credit cards are water-resistant, and any splashes of water or even completely submerging your credit card into water will not cause any damage to it.

People’s main concern often is damaging the magnetic stripe or EMV chip on their credit card with water. But the chip and circuitry inside the credit card are encased in epoxy resin and then sealed between two layers of plastic. 

It is unlikely for water to get inside the plastic layers to reach the chip. Even if the water somehow manages to reach the chip, the absence of an active power source will result in no damage to the credit card, and you will be able to use the credit card once it is dried.

The magnetic stripe on your credit card does not get affected by water. The only damage they will sustain is from strong magnetic fields. 

So if you dropped your credit card in a swimming pool or washed it in a washing machine, then your credit card will work just fine unless it got some physical damage.

Can Credit Cards Get Wet?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can water damage a credit card chip?

A: No, water cannot damage the EMV chip inside your credit card. The EMV chip and circuitry inside a credit card responsible for storing your account information are water-resistant. They are also sealed using epoxy resin, which creates an outer layer to keep the chip safe from any damage.

Q2: Will a credit card still work after being washed and dried?

A: A credit card will work fine after being through a wash cycle in your washing machine, but there is a high chance of damaging your credit card if you put it inside a dryer as the heat inside the dryer may be too much for your credit card to handle.

Q3: Is it fine for a credit card to get wet?

A: Yes, it is ok if your credit card gets wet as it is designed to be water-resistant. This implies that if your credit card gets submerged in water to some extent, it can still work. You need not worry about it getting destroyed.


You don’t need to worry about your credit cards getting wet. Credit cards are made in a way that can sustain accidental water spillage or being washed with your clothes. Just dry it using any cloth, and you will be fine unless the credit card gets physically damaged.

However, keep your credit card safe from any physical damage and away from exposure to high temperatures.

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