What is a Poshmark Algorithm? The Algorithm Explained

You must have heard the term Poshmark algorithm all this while and wondered what it might be. While the term Poshmark algorithm is famous, most people don’t know what it actually is. 

What most people hear about the algorithm is just a myth, and there is a simple hard and fast rule about it. The simple thing is when you share your item, it goes on top of the search results, and that’s it. 

While following others and sharing other’s products is great to drive traffic, it’s sharing your own item that gets them sold. 

Most people shop online based on what they are looking for. They directly search for the item, and shopping sites show results accordingly. Poshmark, too, is no exception. Most of the sales are made from what people are looking for in the search bar. 

The Poshmark algorithm watches your activities every day and what you are doing to keep your closet running. The algorithm is basically a code that watches everyone’s activities and acts accordingly.

Want to learn about what actions Poshmark algorithms see as positive and negative and which actions can benefit you or harm you? If yes, keep reading. 

What is Poshmark Algorithm? 

The Poshmark algorithm is the code that monitors everything that goes on into the website. This algorithm is also responsible for sending you new followers; it scans who is writing PayPal or eBay in the comment section and numerous other things which we might consider insignificant. 

By monitoring everything you do, Poshmark learns and helps you operate your closet. This is also how it keeps scammers away and collects data for future enhancements. 

Just like other e-commerce businesses, when you are running an online business, you need to know how to leverage them and make them work positively for you. Many Poshers don’t understand which of their activities align with the Poshmark algorithm and which of them don’t. 

Hence, it’s very crucial to understand the positive and negative activities along with their benefits and repercussions, which is why we have brought you a list of positive and negative activities so that you can educate yourself better about them. 

Positive actions 

  • Following and sharing other accounts – Poshmark is all about networking. You need to follow and share other accounts to gain visibility and become successful. So go out there and mingle with other Poshers. 
  • Embrace new Poshers – When you embrace new Poshers and offer to be a mentor, it not only gives you visibility but also is appreciated by the algorithm. But be careful not to promote your own closet while doing so, as it will only leave a negative impact. Positive welcome- Hey, welcome to Poshmark! I am a posh ambassador; if you ever have any confusion or queries, don’t hesitate to reach out! (Also, please avoid using emojis to show the urge)

Negative welcome: Hey, welcome to Poshmark! I am a posh ambassador, and you can visit my closet, where I am open to accepting offers. I am also having a 5 for $30 sale. (this is an instant turn off) 

  • Listing – Make sure to list as much as possible throughout the week. Getting new listings will give you a great boost. You can also re-list the stale items that were not bought before. Getting them to appear again will benefit you and give you more visibility. 
  • Buy from fellow Poshers – Another positive thing you can do to keep the algorithms in your favor is buying stuff from other Poshers. In addition to following and sharing other’s closets, buying stuff shows an added effort to the community. 

Why not give this a little test? Start following and sharing some posh closets and finally buy a couple of products from them. The next day you will see an instant rise in your followers and closet activity. Leaving a sweet note does the job even better. 

  • Review reported listings – This option is available only for established ambassadors and not for everyone. If you are one, don’t ignore the activity as Poshmark algorithms notice and love them. You don’t necessarily have to know if everything is a replica or not. You will instead be tested on following the rules and what’s compliant. 

But make sure that when you are not confirmed about whether an item is a replica or not, click “not sure.” For example, if you are not sure where the Dior belt is a replica or not, click “not sure.” 

  • Be compliant – You need to understand that Poshmark is a home and shopping app. Make sure you read the community guidelines before trying to sell a product and what’s compliant and what’s not. So, next time you try selling a tv or toys, go through the guidelines first. 
  • Don’t keep a fixed routine – If you are doing the listing, following, and sharing part within a strict time slot, say from 10 am to 3 pm, and forget about the app for the rest of the day. It won’t leave a positive impact.

What will benefit you is changing the routine frequently. You will also discover new markets you didn’t know existed. If you stick to a single time zone, you will be missing out on a ton of markets. Change up your routine, and don’t hesitate to explore new things. Also, be present during evening parties; it’s the best time of interaction on the app!

  • Share on social media – Social media sharing is very important to be picked by search engines and to get more visibility. Algorithms also love to see if you are exploring different social media platforms and gaining visibility. 

However, you need to be careful with Twitter. They can lock your account for multiple posts. But other platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest are great for posting regularly. But the link-sharing facility is not introduced yet, so you will have to share the posts manually. 

Pro tip: Do your own research first about each platform to understand their guidelines and posting restrictions. 

  • Don’t ignore offers – Responding to offers shows your engagement. It is a form of activity. Poshmark algorithms notice that you are engaging with the activities and are interested in engaging in them. 
  • Try to ship faster – Even though everyone knows that Poshmark is not amazon and it can’t deliver your purchase within a couple of days, shipping faster makes the algorithms happier. So, try to ship within 48 hours, and if you let the products sit for more than three days, ideally, it won’t be good for your closet.

Negative actions 

Now that you have learned about the positive actions and know what you should do to sink with Poshmark algorithms, learn about the negative ones as well. It will help you avoid these actions and get your closet more visibility. Let’s begin:

  • Excess following and sharing – Well, I know it sounds confusing. Earlier I told you to follow and share other’s closets, but it is only beneficial when you do it manually. 

    The biggest problem now is the bots. It is a coded software people use to do the sharing and following for them instead of doing it manually. Due to the excessive bot activity, posh algorithms now check activities that seem bot-like. 

    If you are following and sharing super fast and getting the captcha showing again and again, slow down. This is a sign that your activities have been suspected to be a bot. This will slow down your closet income. 

    Poshmark has a ten thousand followers per day limit. Yes, it is a huge number and great if you are hitting this every day. But take my advice, don’t do it at one go and take breaks in between. Hitting ten thousand followings at one go will make your actions suspected as a bot activity. 

    You can mix up your activities. Follow some, switch to sharing, go back to following again and do some listings after that. Sticking to one activity for an extended time will hurt your closet and interrupt the smooth functioning of your closet. 
  • Blocking – I understand you need to block irritating people; however, you cannot keep on blocking people all the time. Excessive blocking will get on the negative list, which is clearly not good for your closet. 

    But there are alternatives to it. You don’t always have to block people. If you feel someone is harassing you, flag their comment as harassment. If someone is spamming you, mark them as spammers. Some might ask you to email them for an off-posh transaction, flag those comments as spammers. 

    You don’t unnecessarily have to block them because most of the time, the app will immediately remove comments marked as spam. The algorithms are doing their work to find out spammers, so you can rest assured to have scammers caught. 

    There are, in fact, multiple Facebook groups that are solely dedicated to reporting spam. So, don’t hassle and run to block people quickly. It is actually not required, and scammers can’t find your closet among thousands of others in the app. 
  • Avoid spamming closets – This is especially for new spammers. You should never ever go into someone’s active listing and promote your closet. People will report your action straight, and you will be throttled. Hence, refrain from doing that. 
  • Don’t decline offers – Don’t turn down offers ever and the same goes for when someone is offering you a deal. Always respond and counter with the offers and deals as it shows your engagement. Keep room for negotiation as people mostly do it to see your bottom price. 
  • Canceling orders – There are times when one of your items is listed for the longest time, and it’s sold suddenly. I know what you will do. You will dig the entire pile of products you have to find but have failed; you will cancel the order. 

    This happens to everyone. But in this situation, instead of canceling the order directly, you should explain to the customer the entire situation. Apologize for the situation and politely cancel the order. What you can also do is reduce the price of another item and get it sold. This gives the buyer a great deal, and they are likely to come back to your closet for future purchases. 
  • Delayed shipping – Delayed shipping is another negative activity that Posh algorithms are not in favor of. As mentioned in the positive actions, you should ship the item within forty-eight hours to keep a clean record and align with the algorithms. 

In conclusion 

Poshmark algorithms can be a tricky affair. You might be changing your actions, but to find out that your closet is not getting the visibility it should. This will help you figure out which actions are appreciated by the algorithms and which are not, and you can work accordingly. 

This list, however, does not cover everything. There are yet a lot of things you need to figure out about posh algorithms. What will come in handy is your common sense and ethics. Also, you will learn from both your positive actions and negative actions. There are dedicated communities as well, which help you learn what works best on Poshmark.

Remember that you can’t learn all algorithms just in one day. It will take time and effort. So be consistent, remember the points mentioned above, and keep going. Following ethics and rules will definitely make your closet a hit!

About the Author: Noah Miller

Noah joined the team not so long ago after proving to be very knowledgable in the money jargon. Without a formal finance education, Noah has real life experience of handling money and investing.

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